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James Bond 007  Gameboy Cheats

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  James Bond 007 Cheats





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James Bond 007  Cheats On Gameboy
James Bond 007  Gameboy Cheat Instuctions

Finding the M.A.R.B.L.E.
At Bonds Headquarters, the first time you talk to Q, there will be a man sitting in a chair behind him. Walk around the chair pressing A or B and the chair will launch through the wall. Now walk through the hole in the wall and you will get the M.A.R.B.L.E.

Get the Pass in Kurdistan
At the house with two big block things around it, if the man says "Good-Day" you'll have to get something out of the list of supplies and try again. But if he says something else, get the ring from him. Then find the prisoner and show him the ring. The prisoner will ask you to get some paper from the nothernmost house. If you successfully retrieve the paper, he will give you the pass.

Hidden Hammer
At the beginning of the game, enter the house on the left side of the screen, then go to the back bed and hit it.

Secret Passage in the Chinese Temple
At the Chinese Temple, go to the top room. Then go to the middle of the right wall and press A.

Surviving the Sahara
Get the canteen from the man that is 1 screen north. Now fill the canteen with water in the screen where you started. Go 3 screens south and 4 screens east. Watch out for the scorpions.

The Key For The Safe
At the secret passage in China, go to the corner at the dead-end and push A or B.

Infinite Med-Kits
Begin the game and enter the house. Get the med-kit from the top bed. Then save and quit the game. Reload the game and enter the house to find another kit. You can repeat this until you get the desired amount.

To play three different card games, choose a blank save spot at the Player Select menu. When the "Your Name" entry appears, enter BJACK to play Blackjack, BACCR to play the game Baccarat, or REDOG to play the card game Red Dog

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