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Pokemon Blue Gameboy Cheats

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  Pokemon Blue Cheats





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Pokemon Blue Cheats On Gameboy
Pokemon Blue Gameboy Cheat Instuctions

113 of any item:

First you must take the item that you want and put it in the sixth one down in you items. Then you must go to Viridian City and talk to the weirdo guy who drank the coffee, say NO to his question, Fly to Cinnabar Island, Surf on the RIGHT SIDE where land meets water, and a Pokemon will appear. It is Missingno. It will screw your game if you catch it, so run and you will have 113 of any item in your 6th spot

Duplicate Pokemon

If you need to duplacate a pokemon all you got to do is trade that pokemon and right before it says trade sucsess full 1 of the 2 peeps shut off the Game Boy. If this is not performed correctly the pokemon that is trying to be duplicated will be set free into the wild

How to catch a mew:

Go to S.S Anne. Right outside of the building surf around and on the patch of grass you will see a truck. Use strength to move that truck, but right after you use strength mew will atttack

Rare candy

First you need to go to Cerulen city to the house that the man speaks about badges dont talk to him get out to the other door then you will be in a small "garden" walk arround in the right side of it pressing the A button a rare candy will apear

Duplicate a Pokemon

To duplicate pokemon by trading between any 2 pokemon games you get a good pokemon that you wanna duplicate on one of the game boys and a crappy pokemon on the other. Go to the trading center, and let the person with the pokemon to be duplicated talk to the lady first. Do the trade and when EACH GameBoy says waiting, turn off the GameBoy that had the good pokemon. Then wait a few seconds until the other GameBoy says "trade completed" then you shut that one off. If "trade completed" doesnt show up then you did it wrong

Strong Pokemon Stadium character

To get an extreamly strong Pokemon for the Pokemon Stadium 1 you play your Pokemon red and blue and you go to the 2nd city and talk to the guy that says that he needed coffee and whatever and like just say that you arnt in a hurry when you talk to him. hell show you how to catch pokemon. Then FLY to Cinibar island put an item to be duplicated into your 6th slot in you item thingy buy hiting select and moving it then you go over to the east coast and surf untill you find "misingno" catch it (itll look like a computer chip) trade it over to pokemon stadium and itll be a littlr yellow blob. but it will be strong

Easy kill

If you have a game shark and you wanna majorly kill someone, you can put in the cheats to get a certain pokemon into the game shark and go to the 2nd city, talk to that guy who just had his coffe and say that you have time, fly to Cinibar island and put a rare candy into your 6th slot in your items then you go surfing on the east coast line untill you find you desired pokemon and you catch it, if you feed that pokemon rare candys untill it is up to level 255 it will be as strong as it gets keep doing this with champion fighting pokemon. (note as soon as you fight with level 255 pokemon the will "grow" to level 100. so all you have to do is just not fight with them until you wanna kill your friend!)

L165 Alakazam

First, use the steps to get Missingno. One of the super pokemon may be a L165 Alakazam, Golduck, or Starmie


First go to the safari zone and say yes to the question. After you go in come right back out. Hell ask you if youre leaving early. Say no. Go back in and save. Reset the gameboy and leave. Hell ask you if you want to join the hunt. Say no and leave. Then go to Cinnabar Island and surf on the east coast. Keep on surfing until the bell rings. Youll be back in the house. Hell say "did you get a good haul". Then just leave the house and youll be in Glitch City...

Missingno, The "Missing Number":

Well this cheat is the ultimate cheat but it is dangerous. Remember the guy who blocked you from going farther than Viridian city and taught all those starters how to catch Pokemon? Go talk to him and say no to his question. If you do not do this you will just find pokemon from the last grassy area you were in. Note:Other cheats tell you that. Go to Cinnibar island and surf up and down the east side of the island. You will find extraordinary things before finding Missingno. If you find something called "M" dont worry. Its the exact same thing as Missingno. Warning: Do NOT catch Missingno or you will face the glitches made by him and if you do catch him and think the first few glitches are cool youre stupid because in the end you could lose a VERY trusted Pokemon. Believe me. (I lost a Venusaur that way.) But even though Missingno is a pest after your battle with him your 6th item will be-well youll see.

Level 100 Pokemon

First you go into the game then when you press continue, at the same time you press A. Then when you go in, your pokemon will be all lv 100

113 master balls

To do this cheat you need a master ball. Go to the man who whants a coffie in viridian when he says yes or no go to no then surf on the right of Blianes gym. Go up and down until you see Missingo. Defeat it and you will have 113 master balls

Play as Misty

Beat the game 8 times only saving just before you finish and you can play as Misty

A mew without fighting

When you first go to Mt. Moon there is a healing center near the enterance. Go inside and find the guy that will sell you a Glodine for $500. Normally this would be STUPID, but..... you buy that Goldine. After you buy it take it to the day care center after that you most walk around for about 1000 steps so be prepared to play for a long time (it will not matter if you save and turn it off it wont restart) go back to the center and it should be a mew

Surf City

Go to Safari Zone, walk around until you find a 23 Nidoaran. Go out and fly to Cereulan City then ride your bike to the house where team rocket broke into, talk to the man. Hell give you a Lv100 Togipie. Fly to Cinabar Island. Itll be surf city

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