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Pokemon Red Gameboy Cheats

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  Pokemon Red Cheats





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Pokemon Red Cheats On Gameboy
Pokemon Red Gameboy Cheat Instuctions

WARNING: Catching MissingNo on your Pokemon RED Cartridge CAN cause you to corrupt your save game and possibly delete it entirely

Steps to find MissingNo

Go through the game until you have fly, surf, and have reached Cinnabar Island

Okay, theres something you need to know beforehand before you do this. On the east coast of Cinnabar, surf along the narrow land strip as close to land as possible. Pokemon from the last grass patch you were in will be there. This is a good trick because it works with Safari Zone

Now, the guy in Viridian that teaches you how to catch pokemon (hes the guy at the north end that asks you if you are in a hurry; say no) is for some reason counted as a grass patch. Have him show you his demonstration and then fly to Cinnabar and surf along the east coast. You will find some _high_ level pokemon (if you catch one higher than lv. 100, it will return to lv. 100 as soon as you receive exp. points; you can use them to battle friends, though). When you get into a battle and the screen is black for longer than usual, youll know you have found one. Some of them are called ### `m ** and are either lv. 0 (which you shouldnt put in a box or the game will freeze) or lv. 80.

Once they gain a level, they evolve to Kangaskahn, Mankey, Rhydon, or possibly more. Sometimes, they dont evolve. For some reason, these ones have a Rhydons cry, and sometimes it is called Rhydon on the second page of the status screen. If you have 150 pokemon, it will be called Missingno and will be at lv. 146. This one makes a Pidgey cry. If you catch it, it will screw up all the battle scenes and wont be recorded on your Pokedex. Also, after you name it, you will still be in a battle. Its invisible, but if you catch it again, it will be a Ditto. The good thing about Missingno is that when you get into a battle with it, the sixth item on your list is multiplied by 129, or something

Youll know if it worked if the number has a little box thing in the tens place. At one point, it will seem as if you have one left, but you can keep using them and they will turn to 99. the next time it looks as if you have one left, you do, so repeat the trick as necessary. Some great items to do this with are nuggets, master balls, rare candies, and the coin case. What you do with the coin case is do the trick with it, and then deposit it. You will now have two! If you have, say, 9999 coins in it, you will get another one with 9999 coins! Very helpful.

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