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Yugioh! Duel Monsters Gameboy Cheats

Game Name:

  Yugioh! Duel Monsters Cheats





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Yugioh! Duel Monsters Cheats On Gameboy
Yugioh! Duel Monsters Gameboy Cheat Instuctions

Enter the password to get the corresponding card.

Card Password

Winged Dragon 877969
Change Of Heart 04031928
Trap Hole 04206964
Gaia 06368038
Waboku 12607053
Giant Soldier of Stone 13039848
Great White 13429800
Man-eating Treasure Chest 13723605
Mystical Elf 15025844
Doma The Angel Of Silence 16972957
Reinforcements 17814387
Curse of Dragon 28279543
Millennium Shield 32012841
Beaver Warrior 32452818
Exodia (Head) 33396948
Witty Phantom 36304921
Mammoth Graveyard 40374923
Claw Reacher 41218256
Feral Imp 41392891
Flame Swordsman 45231177
Magical Ghost 46474915
Dark Magician 46986414
Mystic Clown 47060154
Ansatsu 48365709
Sorcerer Of The Doomed 49218300
Neo The Magic Swordsman 50930991
Man-eating Bug 54652250
Crush Card 57728570
Dragon Zombie 66672569
Fissure 66788016
Soul Exchange 68005187
Summoned Skull 70781052
Card Destruction 72892473
Red Eyes Black Dragon 74677422
Monster Reborn 83764718
Baron Of The Fiend Sword 86325596
The Stern Mystic 87557188
Blue Eyes White Dragon 89631139
Silver Fang 90357090
Celtic Guardian 91152256
Book Of Secret Arts 91595718
Ancient Elf 93221206

Select campaign mode at the title screen, then press Up, Down, B, Down(2), Up + B, B.

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