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Sponge Bob SquarePants: The Movie Gameboy Advance Cheats

Game Name:

  Sponge Bob SquarePants: The Movie Cheats


  Gameboy Advance



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Sponge Bob SquarePants: The Movie Cheats On Gameboy Advance
Sponge Bob SquarePants: The Movie Gameboy Advance Cheat Instuctions

Enter Jellyfish, Ice Cream Monster, Thug Tug Thug, Jellyfish, Patrick, King Neptune at the Password option.

Enter Red Guy, Queen, King, Patrick, Bob, Queen as a password.

Duck when he throws the sickles. When he gets ready to tackle, jump on his head. Do this three times and he will have stars around his head.

Dodge him when he jumps around. After four to seven jumps he gets very tired. Jump on his head. Do this three times, then he goes to sleep.

To defeat the ice cream monster, dodge the ice creams the grandma throws. When she stops the monster will stick his tongue out. When this happens, jump on his tongue. Walk up to his head and do a dive bomb attack ([A], [Down]). Do this three times to win.

Get to the second checkpoint in the Management Material level. Jump to the cliff on the left and go through the tree trunk. Continue through the level and select a prize on the wheel to complete the level. The "M" square at the level selection screen is now unlocked. Choose it to play the Bikini Booty level, where any completed mini-games can be played again.

Level 1-1 - Thugfish, Gayfish, Thugfish, SpongeBob, SpongeBob, Mindy
Level 1-2 - Mindy, SpongeBob, Gayfish, Gayfish, Thugfish, Mindy
Level 1-3 - King Neptune, Patrick, Jellyfish, Gayfish, Thugfish, Mindy
Level 1-4 - King Neptune, Chum Bucket, Mindy, Patrick, SpongeBob, Mindy

Enter Chum Bucket Helmet, Chum Bucket Helmet, Ice-Cream Monster, Jellyfish, King Neptune, SpongeBob as a password.

Enter Clam, SpongeBob, Robot With Dog Face, Clam, King Neptune, SpongBob as a password.

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