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Kururin Squash GameCube Cheats

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  Kururin Squash Cheats





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Kururin Squash Cheats On GameCube
Kururin Squash GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Go to any store shop and buy a GBA item for 30.000 coins.

Play on any stage of the game, and then go on the item shop of each level.

Beat the game on Little Ship mode (Easy Mode). After beating the game on easy mode, you'll be able to buy all 50 Kururin Father's video level records.

- Blue Circle: you don't complete the level.
- Red Circle: Level completed without 100% coins.
- Yellow Circle: Level completed with 100% coins, but you have hit the ship.
- Fuchsia Flower: Level completed, with 100% coins and you have not hit the ship.

Beat the game on Little Ship mode (Easy Mode). (In "Ball mode" you play with kururin ship without rotate wings).

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