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King Kong GameCube Cheats

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  King Kong Cheats





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King Kong Cheats On GameCube
King Kong GameCube Cheat Instuctions

On the title menu with the words Play, Options, Extras, hold L + R (click) and input DOWN, X, UP, Y, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP and release all keys to get the cheat menu.

8wonder - Invulnerability (damage visual still present).
GrosBras - One-hit deaths on.
KK 999 mun - Adds 999 rounds to current weapon magazine.
lance 1nf - Press reload to summon lance.
KKcapone - Current weapon becomes submachinegun.
KKtigun - Current weapon becomes handgun.
KKsn1per - Current weapon becomes bolt action rifle.

Input the following codes on the main menu for higher game functions:

KKst0ry - Unlock all chapters.
KKmuseum - Unlocks all extras.

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