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MVP Baseball 2005 GameCube Cheats

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  MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats





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MVP Baseball 2005 Cheats On GameCube
MVP Baseball 2005 GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Select the "Create A Player" option. Create a player named keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson (case-sensitive). The player will have a very large bat. He will hit a home run or a hard line drive every time you make contact, no matter what his stats.

Enter kenny lee as a case-sensitive name when creating a player.

To change the song, press the R3 button on the main menu screen.

Astrodome - Houston, Texas (2500 MVP Points)
Cinergy Field - Cincinatti, Ohio (5000 MVP Points)
Cleveland Municipal Stadium - Cleveland, Ohio (3000 MVP Points)
Crosley Field - Cincinatti, Ohio (2500 MVP Points)
Fenway Park (Classic) - Boston, Massachussetts (4000 MVP Points)
Forbes Field - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (5000 MVP Points)
Griffith Stadium - Washington, DC (3000 MVP Points)
Hiram Bilthorn Stadium - San Juan, Puerto Rico (5000 MVP Points)
Metropolitan Stadium - Bloomington, Minnesota (5000 MVP Points)
Olympic Stadium - Montreal, Quebec (3000 MVP Points)
Qualcomm Stadium - San Diego, California (2500 MVP Points)
Shibe Park - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (4000 MVP Points)
Sportsman's Park - St. Louis, Missouri (4000 MVP Points)
Tiger Stadium - Detroit, Michigan (3000 MVP Points)
Veteran's Stadium - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2500 MVP Points)

First go to Homerun Showdown. Select both the guy you want to play as and one of the guys you are to beat for reward points. For the computer controled player set him to pro. For your player set him to mvp. Once you win you will get the X4 point total for finishing under the mvp settings.

Save your profile once you have 5000 MVP Rewards points. Buy a Legendary Player and DO NOT save your profile. Add the Legendary Player to a team and save your roster. Then Load your profile and you will still have 5000 points and the Legendary Player will still be on the team. If you repeat the cheat you will be able to get all the Legendary Players on your existing teams.

Create players with one of the following names in lower-case: keegan paterson, jacob paterson, or isaiah paterson to create a midget player.

If a good prospect is doing poorly in the minors, try hiring a new pitching coach or batting coach to put some spark back into their game.

Go to the create/edit player menu, and either edit a minor league player, or create a player with the name Isaiah, Keegan, or Jacob Paterson. They will have a huge bat and will always hit a home run or line drive.

Enter erik kiss as a case-sensitive name when creating a player.

Unlock all 25 Legends Team players to unlock the Legends Team. Unlock all 25 Heroes Team players to unlock the Heroes team.

When you go to create a player, name the player NEVERLOSE SIGHT. Good Luck!

In Owner Mode, purchase all the available Ballpark Upgrades (Make sure each upgrade has reached its maximum level). After purchasing your final upgrade, an extra option will appear in the Buy Assets menu. This new Option will be called Secret Stuff.

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