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Madden NFL 2004 GameCube Cheats

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  Madden NFL 2004 Cheats





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Madden NFL 2004 Cheats On GameCube
Madden NFL 2004 GameCube Cheat Instuctions

More Tokens:
Use Football 101 and run through all the plays in your playbook to tack on alot of tokens which are used for madden cards
EA Bio:
Build up your EA Bio by playing other EA Sports games or completing specific challenges to unlock Madden Cards like these

Level 2: #204 Bingo! Cheat
Level 4: #246 1990 Eagles Classic Team

Level 6: #186 Steve Spurrier Coach

Get Cheerleader/Pump up the crowd card:
Go to mini camp and beat the game situation. You will get a cheerleader card equal to the team you beat the challenge with

Mini Camp Cards:
Get a gold on the different difficulty levels in all the mini camp challenges to unlock cards

Memorycard trick:
You know how on Gamecube version of Madden 2004 it take up alot of Blocks, we'll if you have two memorycards that would together equal the amount needed in the game, put on in the save some of the info and another one to save another aspect of the game, and then when you play put the correct card (that has what you are trying to load) and then after its loaded take it out and then load the rest off the other card and play!

No Cap in Started Franchise:
To turn off the cap in a franchise you already have started get your team extremely close to the salary cap (100k to 0k works for me) but you have to be missing a player you need (ex. have only 4 WR) then try to go to a regular or pre-season game it will say something to the effect of "You need a WR" then give you a choice to sign one or have the CPU sign it, choose CPU. Then it will pause for a second and say "no cap room choose cancel to sign player yourself or choose ok to turn off salary cap permanently. "Its that simple warning though this will turn off owner mode for good

Help Lower Salary Cap (in franchise mode):
To help lower the salary cap,when you sign people sign them for 7 years and raise the signing bonus, it will raise your cap until a certain point then will lower it,raise it to the point when it gives you the most cap and there ya go as Madden himself would say BOOM

Two-Minute Drill points:
Accomplishment Points
Go out of bounds on a play with positive yards 50 pts
Special bonus for every 5 yards past 21 on a 30+ yard completion 100 pts
4-yard run (or more) 100 pts
First Down 100 pts
10-yard completion (or more) 100 pts
Extra Point 150 pts
Special bonus for every 5 yards past 16 on a 25+ yard run 200 pts
Special bonus for every Field Goal 3 yards past 41 yards 250 pts
15-yard run (or more) 300 pts
21-yard completion (or more) 350 pts
Two-point conversion 375 pts
Fumble recovery 375 pts
Field Goal 525 pts
Field Goal 31 yards or longer 675 pts
Field Goal 41 yards or longer 850 pts
Score 15 or more points +15%
Score 22 or more points +30%
Play at Pro Skill Level +50%
Play at All-Pro Skill Level +100%
Play at All-Madden Skill Level +200%

Super Bowl 38 stadium:
Reach level 19 in your EA Sports Bio.

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