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Super Monkey Ball 2 GameCube Cheats

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  Super Monkey Ball 2 Cheats





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Super Monkey Ball 2 Cheats On GameCube
Super Monkey Ball 2 GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Better Gate Hint
On some (but not all) levels, look for gates of a different color other than the normal blue gates. These gates are harder to get through, but they earn you extra points and warp you ahead

Easy Play Points
To get easy play points just start a new game, beat it all the way until the water levels (unless you're a real hot shot) then delete the new game and repeat

Unlock Extra Levels
To unlock extra levels, complete the following challenges for the corresponding levels in Challenge Mode:

Extra Beginner: Complete all ten levels in World 1 on beginner difficulty without continuing.
Extra Advanced: Complete all thirty levels in Worlds 2-4 on advanced difficulty without continuing.
Extra Expert: Complete all fifty levels in Worlds 5-10 on expert difficulty without continuing.
Extra Master: Complete all ten levels on master difficulty without continuing.

Unlock Master Difficulty
Complete all levels in Worlds 5-10, plus the Extra Expert levels (all without continuing) to unlock Master Difficulty. Crikey! That's tough

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