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Sonic Mega Collection GameCube Cheats

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  Sonic Mega Collection Cheats





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Sonic Mega Collection Cheats On GameCube
Sonic Mega Collection GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Flicky Mini-Game Cheats
To select the level on this mini-game, start the mini-game and hold UP + A + C (UP) + START

Hint: Easy Emeralds For Sonic 1 And Sonic 2
After entering the Level Select Cheats, warp into the special stage and try to collect the Emerald. Irregardless if you are successful or not, you can always press Z to go to another stage or retry the special stage

Knuckles In Sonic 2 Mini-Game Cheats
Level Select: Play the sounds 01, 09, 09, 04, 01, 00, 01, 08 on the sound test.

Debug Mode: After the Level Select cheat, select to play a level using A + START.

All Chaos Emeralds: Play the sounds 01, 06, 07, 07, 07, 02, 01, 06 on the sound test

Passwords For Blue Sphere
Level 1: 3659 8960 3263
Level 11: 3454 5429 0879
Level 21: 4092 0771 1670
Level 31: 3897 4614 1116
Level 41: 2817 0087 0076
Level 51: 3298 8503 4428
Level 61: 3227 7149 4844
Level 71: 5073 2087 0844
Level 81: 5388 6203 6924
Level 91: 5183 2672 4541
Level 101: 4446 4119 1869
Level 111: 4251 7962 1309
Level 121: 4545 7330 3741
Level 131: 3610 2145 0173
Level 141: 3582 0287 7885
Level 151: 4053 1330 0413
Level 161: 2994 1551 3010
Level 171: 2788 8020 0626
Level 181: 3426 3362 1426
Level 191: 3188 7708 3570
Level 201: 4857 0971 9474
Level 211: 5338 9338 3826
Secret Level: 2340 2318 5760

NOTE: The secret level is never ending by default. Quit to end, or select another stage

Ristar Mini-Game Cheats
Enter these at the password screen:
MUSEUM: Fight only bosses
MAGURO: Tone Deaf sounds
SUPERB: Very Hard difficulty
MIEMIE: See hidden Items
DOFEEL: Time attack
XXXXXX: Cancel all codes
ILOVEU: Level Select

Sonic 1: Debug Mode & Level Select
To unlock Debug Mode for Sonic 1, press UP, X, DOWN, X, LEFT, X, RIGHT, UP, X, DOWN, X, LEFT, X, RIGHT, X. After this, hold B and press Start. Once in the game, press A for Debug Mode.

At the main title screen, press UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT. Hold B to go to the Level Select and Sound Test screen

Sonic 1: Version Select
The default version of Sonic 1 is Japanese Version 1. To play the U.S. Version, press UP, Z, DOWN, Z, LEFT, Z, RIGHT, Z on the Sonic 1 info screen.

To play Japanese Version 2 (with bug fixes), press Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, Z, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT on the Sonic 1 info screen

Sonic 2: Level Select & Debug Mode
To select levels in Sonic 2, go into Sound Test Mode. Play these sounds: 19, 65, 09, 17. Hold X and press Start. Once you get to the title screen, hold B and press Start to see the Stage Select feature.
To get Debug Mode, play songs 01, 09, 09, 02, 01, 01, 02, then 04. Hold B while selecting a stage by pressing Start to get Debug Mode.

Sonic 2: Play Super Sonic
To play as Super Sonic, use the Level Select code. On that screen, play songs 04, 01, 02, and 06. When you start a stage, collect 50 rings, then jump. You'll be Super Sonic.

Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Level Select and Debug Mode
Start a "no save" game. In Angel Island Act I, swing on a vine. Press LEFT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, UP

Sonic 3: Level Select & Debug Mode
To get to the Level Select in Sonic 3, press UP, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, UP after you hear SEGA, but before the main screen shows.
Once you enter the code correctly, Level Select and Sound Test will appear on the title screen when you press Up. To get Debug Mode to work, hold B and select a stage with Start.

Sonic 3: Unlock Secret Stage
Enter the Level Select code, then go to Sound Test. Play the following sounds: 01, 03, 05, 07. Move to Special Stage 2. Once it's highlighted, hold down B and press Start.

Sonic 3D Blast: Level Select
On the Sonic 3D title screen, press A, B, RIGHT, B, X, UP, DOWN, B, START

Sonic Spinball: Level Select Cheat
On the Sonic Spinball Option screen, press B, DOWN, A, DOWN, X, DOWN, B, A, UP, B, X, UP, A, X, UP

Unlock All Mini-Games
Blue Sphere - Play Sonic and Sonic 3D 20 times each.

Knuckles In Sonic 2 - Play Sonic 2 and Sonic Spinball 20 times each.

Sonic 3 And Knuckles - Play Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles 20 times each.

Flicky - Play Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 30 times.

Ristar - Play Blue Sphere, Knuckles In Sonic 2, Sonic 3 And Knuckles, and Flicky 30 times each

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