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Shrek Super Party GameCube Cheats

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  Shrek Super Party Cheats





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Shrek Super Party Cheats On GameCube
Shrek Super Party GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Each rank awards a bonus weapon.

- Field Agent: none
- Intelligence Analyst Specialist: SP-57
- Field Supervisor: Mark 23
- Investigative Agent: G-17
- Intelligence Agent: Combat shotgun
- Field Operations Commander: ShotHammer
- Investigative Research Specialist: MAK-10 10mm
- Investigative Analyst Specialist: SSG 550
- Investigative Supervisor: M4 carbine
- Intelligence Supervisor: M16 A2
- Intelligence Research Specialist: MDS-7
- Field Analyst Specialist: Slug Defender
- Investigative Operations Commander: M4
- Intelligence Operation Commander: Stavva M70 B1
- Assistant Chief of Operations: SlugHammer
- Field Officer: AU300 Mod-SMG
- Investigative Officer: M16 A1
- Intelligence Officer: M1911 A1
- Field Research Specialist: Jerico-41
- Deputy Chief of Operations: AU300 H-BAR
- Chief of Operations: GAWS 12 ga.
- Commander in Chief: Mark 23 SD

Commendations also unlock special weapons

- Gray Imani: Complete all objectives in Carthage1, 2, and 3. Item: 93R
- Ehud Ben Zohar: Complete all objectives in Yemen 1 and 2.nItem: Desert Sniper .44
- Mujari, Lawrence: Complete all objectives in Chechnya and Lorelei Item: Riot Shotgun
- Xing, Lian: Complete all objectives in Kyrgystan, Tokyo, and Myanmar Item: China type 67
- Stoneman, Gary: Complete all objectives in Italy, Belarus1, and Belarus 2 Item: SR-15
- Powers, Maggie: Complete all objectives in Minsk Item: CZ Mach-9
- Lipan, Teresa: Complete all objectives in Zurich Item: Gewehr G 53
- Logan, Gabe: Complete all objectives in Montenegro and Ukraine Item: Desert Express.50

Medals and Weapons
Medals unlock bonus weapons and items. You are also able wear medals by equipping them in the modify agent option on the personnel screen.

- Medal of Distinction: Beat single player mission deadline on all missions Item: US M60 E3
- Agency Medal of Valor: Earn all Agency ratings, special agency ratings, all commendations, all other medals, highest rank. Item: M-249 SAW
- Stones Medal of Courage: Rescue Stone Ukraine, Provide cover fire for Stone. Item: SPA-15 Shotgun
- Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute: Carthage 1 and 2: Protect CHA officers, Carthage 2: Eliminate all 4 ALA death squad assassins, Carthage 3: Rescue injured SWAT officers Item: Spectre
- Homeland Security Citation: Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute and the Presidents official Liberty Award. Zurich: Obtain Birchim files. Item: FAL SG-1
- Ellison Warner Award: Belarus 2: Destroy SCUD missile, Yemen 2: Destroy SCUD firing mechanism, Myanmar: Recover flight recorder Item: Tec 45
- Karkadann, Alimas Unicorn Charm: Yemen 1: Complete all objectives, Yemen 2: Complete all objectives, Ukraine: Bring Alima Haddad to safety. Item: Desert Eliminator .357
- Republic of Korea Sevice Award: Kyrgystan: Locate Yuschenkos papers, Yemen 1: Obtain Thae-bok Jons credentials, Tokyo: Upload computer data, Myanmar: Find Yong-jun Kims Briefcase. Item: China type 56
- South African Freedom Medal: All missions: No collateral damage, Earn Stones Medal of Courage, Earn Carthage Exemplary Service Tribute, Belarus 1: Escort all workers to safety, Lorelei: Rescue Level 5 salvage personnel Item: Sweeper 12 gauge
- Presidents Official Liberty Award: Carthage 3: Complete DPE order on Masson, Italy: Assassinate Dimitriby the bell tower at 3:00 PM, Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov, Kyrgyzstan: Poison Saydahmats water chalice, Myanmar: Eliminate Than Muang. Item: DSC-1
- Great Lakes Service Medal: Carthage 1,2,3: Complete all objectives, Yemen 1: Photograph Fadhils files, Zurich: Obtain ALA financial records. Item: MDS-k PDW
- Kinishi Kuncho: Order of the Golden Dragon: Earn Republic of Korea Sevice Award, Kyrgyszstan, Tokyo and Myanmar: Complete all objectives. Item: SPA-12 shotgun
- The Golden Cross of Russia: Belarus 1 and 2: Complete all objectives, Kyrgyzstan: complete all objectives, Yemen 1 Photograph Fadhils files, Minsk: Complete all objectives, Montenegro: Find evidence linking Niculescu to Syphon Filter, Ukraine: Complete all objectives. Item: TH3 Blaster
- Mossad Friend to Peace Medal: Earn Karkadann, Alimas Unicorn Charm, Kyrgystan: Eliminate Zayed Al Dhahiri Item: Galil SG-1
- United Nations Peace Award: Cure the Omega Strain, Carthage 1: Scan tissue sample, Carthage 2: Obtain Mujaris recorder, Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass, take mill documents from safe, Belarus 2: Obrain sewage sample, Yemen 2: Obtain Yushchenkos viral container, Minsk: Acquire Omega Strain serum, Lorelei: Collect original virus sample, Tokyo: Obtain sample, Ukrain:Find Omega Strain DNA code Item: C11

Earned ratings come with bonus items.

- Combat Specialist Intermediate (300 kills): G33E
- Advanced (600 kills): FA-MAS
- Expert (900 kills): FAL
- Elite (450 kills): VibroBlade
- Intermediate (200 headshots): Dragunov
- Intermediate (100 grenade kills): M61 Frag Grenade
- Advanced (200 grenade kills): Incendiary Grenade
- Elite (1300 kills): C8 rifle
- Intermediate (50 kills): Stiletto
- Advanced (100 kills): Shuriken
- Expert (250 kills): IPCA Commando
- Expert (350 grenade kills): Sarin nerve agent
- Elite (500 grenade kills): M79
- Intermediate (2 multiplayer par times): M1 Super 90
- Advanced (450 headshots): AU300 Mod-R
- Expert (750 headshots): ACR
- Elite (1100 headshots): M82 BFG
- Intermediate (50 kills): E.D.T.
- Advanced (100 kills): DormaGen Gas Grenades
- Expert (200 kills): Air Pistol
- Advanced (4 multiplayer par times): Shot Defender
- Expert (6 multiplayer par times): MDSA3
- Elite (300 kills): E.P.D.D.
- Elite (9 multiplayer par times): M-16k

Special Ratings
Earned ratings come with bonus items.

- Field Efficiency Expert: Beat single player mission deadlines in all missions.
Item: MGL

- Survival Tactics Expert: No player deaths in all missions.
Item: Increased Health

- Bio-Data Retrieval Expert: Carthage1: Collect 5 water samples, Carhage1: Perform field autopsy, Belarus 1: Take tissue sample from cow carcass, Belarus 2: Obtain sewage sample, Minsk: Deploy viral sniffers at marked locations, Chechnya: Collect tissue sample from a villagers body.
Item: Increased Flak Jacket

- Computer Information Expert: Retrieve Broussards laptop (Team), Minsk: Download MetaGloabals records, Tokyo: Upload computer data, Zurich: Access the mainframe computer, Ukraine: Find Omega Strain DNA code.
Item: UNP 45

- Elite Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert: Kyrgyszstan: Poinson Saydahmats water chalice, Yemen 1: Eliminate Yushchenko, Tokyo: Eliminate HNT leader Matsua.
Item: Headshot Lock

- Bio-Data Retrieval Expert: Italy, Kyrgyzstan, Yemen 1, Minsk, Chechnya, Lorelei, Tokyo, Zurich, Montenegro: Maintain stealth.
Item: VSS-DU

- Military Tactics Expert: Belarus 1: Eliminate Zhidkov, Belarus 2: Destroy communications truck, destroy power substation, shut down gas main, destroy bridge to stop tank (team), Yemen 1: Destroy communications equipment, Yemen 2: Destroy SCUD firing mechanism (Team), Lorelei: Plant four nukes on the lower levels, Tokyo:Plant C-4 charges on lab floor, Myanmar: Plant four claymores along path, Plant C-4 on each log bridge, Plant c-4 on foot bridge, Ukraine: Complete all objectives.
Item: MGL

- Elite Combat Expert: Earn Elite Combat Specialist, Elite Combat Knife Specialist, Combat Sharp Shooter, Non-lethal Force Specialist, Tactical Explosives Specialist, Elite Team Efficiency Specialist, Discrete Personnel Elimination Expert.
Item: SSP 90

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