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Splinter Cell GameCube Cheats

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  Splinter Cell Cheats





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Splinter Cell Cheats On GameCube
Splinter Cell GameCube Cheat Instuctions

Equip the rifle and press L3. The bullets on the screen will be a bit darker. This indicates that you have switched to rapid-fire mode. Be careful, as you cannot simply hold the trigger as you could before; the gun will shoot as much until you release.

For better accuracy on sniper mode, hold L1. Note: This may take a few seconds to start.
Take a sticky camera or smoke grenades and throw it near where the most guards are located. For the sticky camera, a control bar that tells you how to make a noise or use smoke will appear at the bottom of the screen. Throw the smoke grenade and the smoke should knock out some guards. When the smoke appears from the grenade(s), it is your chance to run for it .

To knock out an enemy without killing him, equip the sticky camera and shoot it at his head. Aim slightly above the head to compensate for gravity. After he is down, pick up the sticky camera and use it again.

You can throw bottles to knock out guards. You must aim and hit them in the head.

Shoot a sticky camera near the guard closest to you. When he approaches, use the gas to knock him out. The other guard will approach to investigate. You must either shoot him with a non lethal round if you cannot have casualties, or take him out with a head shot if killing is sanctioned. This has to be done correctly or he will revive the guard that you knocked out.

If you do not have ammunition and you find two guards, sneak up to one and take him hostage. Make sure that your hostage is facing the other guard or he will shoot you.

If you do not have ammunition, hide in the shadows and wait for a guard to come up to you (or slowly creep up to him) then press R1 to punch him. Use two punches to knock out someone.

If you need to knock out many guards without killing them, look around for a water puddle. Try to lure them into it, then shoot a Sticky Shocker into the water. This will knock many of them out. This works with any body of water, including the sewers in the Chinese Embassy level.

To do this, find a can or glass bottle to pick up. Once obtained, move to a location, preferably dark. While hidden, throw the can or bottle to an open area with an enemy nearby. When thrown, the enemy will wonder what happened and walk towards that location. After you have drawn him out, you can take him out for an easy kill.

After you have disposed of enemies in an area, make sure that you still hide them, even though no one is nearby. Before going to another checkpoint, the alarm may ring, and it will say that a body was found. Try to hide all bodies in hidden areas for best results.

When moving a body. equip your weapon. This will automatically drop the body.

Have the diversionary camera equipped with the SC-10. Press L1 button before you zoom in and fire it at a wall. If Sam is close to the wall, he will put his hand in front of the camera to hide his face. You can try this with any sticky camera, but you need to be close to the wall you shoot it on for him to cover it.

Mission 1 - Police Station
Keypad 1: 091772
Keypad 2: 5929

Mission 4 - CIA HQ
Keypad 1: 7687
Keypad 2: 110598
Keypad 3: 2019
Keypad 4: 110700
Keypad 5: 0614 (if Dougherty gets through the door before you can)

Mission 5 - Kalinatek
Keypad 1: 97531
Keypad 2: 33575
Keypad 3: 1250

Mission 8 - Chinese Embassy, Part II
Keypad 1: 1436
Keypad 2: 9753
Keypad 3: 1456
Keypad 4: 1834
Keypad 5: 7921

Mission 9 - Presidential Palace
Keypad 1: 2126
Keypad 2: 70021
Keypad 3: 66768

When you are in the room with a guard sitting at the desk that must be interrogated, behind the laptop is a machine gun. Near that there is a lot of 5.56mm ammunition for your SC-20K.

Before dropping into the freezer, while in the ceiling use your thermal goggles and take out the three guards.

When you enter the basement where the hostages are held, notice that there are two or three doors. Equip your Wall Mine and place them in front of the entrances. Do not place the Wall Mines near the entrance to which the turrets are placed. Instead, place them near the main entrance to the basement. Sections of partition of the animal pens will be exposed or seen when the guards enter, and they will through the middle and left entrances. Place the Wall Mines on the partitions enough to be in the middle of the entrance (in length) or in the close range of the door. Once they are set, get ready to cut down three guards. This is the best way to conserve ammunition if you are low. You only need to place two, because the guards will not enter through the third door. This will take out the first wave of guards, leaving you to kill only three of them. You have to do this before you talk to the Chinese hostage, otherwise you will be killed. Note: It is possible to kill Grinko with a well-timed Gas Grenade if you are out of or are low on ammunition.

After you have disabled the antenna and picked the lock to enter the building, open the door directly in front of you, Pick up all three Wall Mines downstairs. You will also need all the Frag Grenades to kill Grinko easily. Collect and save them carefully. At the endgame, you are in the barn just before you meet the hostages. Set up booby traps with the three Wall Mines: Put one on the wall behind the left entrance, another one on the left white separator wall facing the hostages (in the middle of the barn), and the last one on the separator wall first half through the aisle that leads to the door to the American hostages. Set up the Wall Mines in the reverse order just described, since you still have to move back to the middle isle to disable the turrets. After you talk to the Chinese, you can take a nice comfortable sniper position in front of the middle aisle; everyone trying to kill the Americans on your right will be blown up.

When you start the mission and kill the first three men, go through the door or over the wall. The room above your head where the first spotlight is located has the following items: Flare, Frag Grenade, Sticky Shocker, 5.56 ammo, 5.57ammo, and perhaps a med kit. To get them, kill all four guards in this area. The only way up there is your intelligence and training skills -- stack the eight drums on top of each other in front of room. Note: Remember use your heat-vision goggles to see the mines.

All land mines can be seen in the dark with your thermal imaging. They will flash about every other second. Use thermal imaging when going through the cold misty areas where the meat is kept. This helps you to see guards before they can see you.

Knock out the first set of guards and go to the water tanks. Switch an object on. The gates outside will be open and you can hide the three bodies in there.

Sneak past the first few guards. Do not waste time on them: When you start the level, you have to jump a fence to get inside an alley. Run until just before the lights at the end of the alley, then continue crouched. Even if the guards spot you, there is no need to stop. Continue behind the fire to the ladder in the dark corner of the room. Once you are up, you can easily knock out the guard below by jumping on top of him. Then, continue and sneak past the two guards ahead. You have to time your sneak carefully. Once you get past them, use the same principle; move through the courtyard in the shadow up to the fence, then continue next to it to get inside the little yard in front of you. Once inside, leap down the manhole. Do everything previously described without stopping, except when you sneak past the two guards in the alley. If you are not in a particular hurry, you can also pick up the medkit after you knocked out the guard. It is located on the balcony on your right.

When you first enter the sewers, equip your smoke grenade and walk down the path that you are supposed to take. When the three enemies appear, position yourself close by and shoot the smoke grenade in the middle of all of them. Wait until the smoke clears and continue on. This is easier than trailing them one by one.

Make sure that the three soldiers are walking on water, then shoot a Sticky Shocker on the water. The soldiers will get electrocuted. Make sure Sam is on a platform before doing this.

In part two, after the checkpoint you will come down the trap door to a tunnel with the guard. You must to enter three code numbers following a guard using your thermal goggles. The codes are: "1456", "1834", and "7921".

Go through the doors and kill the soldier to the right by shooting a Sticky Camera at the white woman statue that you see once you open the door. When you are in the view of it, make a whistling noise. When the guard gets directly in front of the camera, knock him unconscious. Then, press R1 to leave that view and shoot the unconscious guard, so he will not be woken up by another soldier. If you shoot him, a commander will come down the stairs to the left to investigate the noise. He is armed with a Czech. Shoot him, and there will not be anymore enemies for the time being. Next, jump onto the ledge directly to right of you, where the vases are located. Once on there, shoot the vases with your pistol. You have to do this twice before they are gone. Disable the turret and jump onto the ledge of the upper floor. Once there, shoot the light above you, and then turn off the IFF mode of the turret, so that when the two soldiers appear, they will be killed. Shoot out all the lights except the ones on the bottom floor, then jump onto the pipe that hangs above you by the turret. Shoot out all the lights that shine on the flags and wait for the commander and the other soldier to go over to the retina eye scanner. The commander will open the door for him, then will stand there alone facing the turret by the stairs. Shoot your pistol around where the turret is located, and he will investigate. When he leaves, get off the pipe then disable the turret. Slowly go to the corner of where the turret is by the door. Wait for the commander to return. When he is over the retina eye scanner, slowly go down the first flight of stairs and shoot a Sticky Camera in the corner where you were just at. Make a noise, and he will go to that corner. He will wait there and look at it, but will not stay there for long. Sneak up behind him and grab him. Force cooperate him to use the retina eye scanner, which will open the door. Then, take him to a corner and knock him out. If desired, you can shoot him. Next, go to the door which will automatically open and shoot the soldier at the computer. Use the computer and retrieve the data stick. Go over the far window, go up onto the table, crouch down, and slide open the window. Then, walk outside of the window and drop down to the overhang. Drop down to the ground to finish.

After you have knocked out the first two guards, look up at the moon as you continue. From a certain angle, you can see a face on the moon. You can also use a Sticker Camera to see it from the correct angle if needed.

Once you get to the hallway with the lockers, look into the closet for a med kit. Then, go through the door into the stairwell and silently go up the steps. There will be a guard with his back to you and another one pacing in front of a desk. There is also a camera on the wall across from the first guard. First, turn out the light in the stairwell. Then, sneak up behind the guard and grab him. Time this so that the other guard is going away from you and will not see what you are doing. Then, walk him while he is conscious into the dark corner of the room on the left. If you go all the way into the corner, you will not be seen by the camera at anytime. Knock out this guard. Next, shoot a distraction camera toward the wall directly under the camera or toward the darkness. Use the camera to make noise and when the guard is close enough, knock him out. Then, go down the hall and through the first door. Quietly go to the doorway. Use your night vision to see two guards in the beds. Shoot a distraction camera under the bed toward the head of the guard on the left and trigger the gas. Then, as the second guard gets out of bed, snipe him in the head. On the bunk on the far left is a med kit. On a table between the two middle bunks is pistol ammunition and a frag granade. Go up to the door to the room next to you, but not into it so you do not trigger an event. Us the thermal goggles and shoot out the light. Then, go back out the same way you entered and shoot out all the lights in the hall. Switch to night vision, open the second door, and two guards will start down the hall. Move back into the hall directly across from the double doors. Wait for the guard to open the keypad door. Once he moves just inside the doors, shoot the guard with the machine gun in the head (with the pistol if you have enough ammunition). Go just inside the doorway until the first guard goes upstairs. This will get you into the room without using the thermal goggle trick.

When you are in the warehouses, you can find a Gundam toy box. After you go through the second of the thermal goggle keypads, you will be in a small supply room. If you look at the blue box standing up on the table with the 5.72mm bullets, you will see a picture of Gundam Epyon from the anime Gundam Wing

Non-lethal ammunition is very important in the CIA HQ. You need to conserve it as best you can. The following steps start at the first place you should use it: After you enter the weapons room and disable the turret gun, take the elevator up and save at the checkpoint. Enter the room directly ahead of you. Once you are inside the room, stick to the right wall and sneak around back of the guard sitting at the computer. Behind the desk is a walkway which will allow you to sneak quietly around the room without confrontation. When you get towards the back door, wait for a guard to leave and then creep into the next room towards Daugherty's office. Once the area is clear, begin your walk towards the security camera at the end of the hall, then save the game. Wait until the camera turns away from you and use the first of your non-lethal ammunition (either the sticky shocker or foil ring) and knock out the guard sitting underneath the camera. When the camera turns away again, run underneath it and take aim at Daugherty, who is working with the soda machine. Shoot him with your second non-lethal weapon. Your headset will tell you it is a mistake, but it is easier this way. Drag the guard from the chair back to Daugherty's office --beware of the camera. Once you have hidden him. go back to Daugherty's body, again mindful of the camera. Grab his body and make your way for the door at the end of the hallway. Keep to the right side, crouched so that you can sneak past the break room window and then down to the keypad door. The code is "0614". This will bring you out to the smoking area, where there is still one guard out on the terrace. Again, use non-lethal weapon to knock him out and then hide his body. Then, pickup Daugherty again and bring him down to the next door and your final checkpoint. At this point you should have more than enough ammunition to shoot the four guards and the engineer non-lethally and easily escape the level.

If after entering the weapons room and disabling the turret gun you find that the elevator up to the top floor (Daugherty's office) has no power, you need to go back to the main server room and complete your objective by accessing the main server computer twice. This will create a new objective of breaking into to Daugherty's office and also restore the power to the elevator in the weapons room.

At the start of the level you will be outside. Turn left and follow the fence. Eventually, you will reach a wall, and a fence will be on your left side. Climb the fence and go around until you find an opening. Go into the ventilation system. You will reach a checkpoint. When you drop, try to make a little noise so that the guard will start looking for you, then hide. When he stops looking for you, he will remain in one location. Go over to the fence behind him very quietly. Climb the fence and get to the other side. If done correctly, he will not notice you. Do not climb down. Instead, climb directly above him and jump.

First, go to the security office and flick the lights off. Then, crouch down and go in the corner near the door. When the guard enters to turn the lights on, knock him out. Move his body away, then flick the lights on and off. Hide in the same place. Wait for awhile and another guard will appear to turn on the lights. Do the same to him as done to the previous guard. Flick the lights a third time and the last guard will appear. You have to be careful with him, as he can see you in the corner. Knock him out quickly.

After you have came through the fan and reach the first checkpoint, an engineer will walk past. After he has left, run and jump over the fence. Knock him out, then hide him in the dark. Do not run round the corner, as there is a camera at the other end. Carefully sneak past it and you will reach a set of stairs. Go up the stairs, but be cautious as there are two guards up there. Go into the first room on your right. Pick up the items and go through the opposite door to bypass half the level.

Get to the first floor, at the intersection with the sign that reads "Server Room >, and Security Station 1

When you must infiltrate the CIA complex to find a mole, an alternate entry route into the building is to sneak around to the ventilation systems as usual. However, instead of climbing the fence and entering through the disabled fan, sneak by the two guards near the van talking to the civilian by following the darkened front wall area near them. You will soon reach a drainage pipe going up the wall. Quietly scale this pipe and get onto the large outcropping above the van. In the crouched position, walk to an open vent in the front of the building and enter. You will need to open a trap door and drop down on the inside of the CIA building on the other side of the front doors. Stay up on top of the doors and wait for the guard to appear. Then, drop down on him and knock him out. Drag his body to the darkened area off to your left then follow that wall to the small counter where a guard stands. Stand up at the left edge of the counter near the wall and pick up the pop can. He should not notice you if you are quiet and still in the dark. Throw the can backward into the general area from where you started off. The guard will walk towards the sound and you may sneak by him. Go through the metal detectors. Enter the room on the right for some health and Sticky Shockers, or go directly into the other set of metal detectors to get a checkpoint. This will put you past two guards, a maintenance man, and a camera, which you would have had to pass if you had chosen to go through the ventilation.

Use the following route instead of going through the ventilation system. When you first start this level, go to the cage the has the fan in it. Do not jump the fence. Go to the right of it and turn on your night vision goggles. You should see a pole walk to it. Be extra quiet, as there are three guards outside a van talking. Climb the pole, and you should see a vent open. Go through it, turn left, and open the trap hole. Go through this. It will take you straight to the main hall. You will land on a bookcase. Go straight (or to the left side of the hall). Go straight to the main counter. Quietly jump the counter and knock out the guard. Go through the door and knock out the guard in this room. Go out the door to the right. Take a quick left and go through the inactive metal detector.

Towards the end of the mission is a locked office with a "UFO Sightings" sign on the side. Inside the office is a keypad locked door. To gain access to this room, read the data stick file found in the computer in the office. There are several Sticky Cams and Sticky Shockers inside.

When you are about to kidnap Mitchell Dougherty in the smoking area, just past the door with the key code "0614" is a locked UFO department door. Use the lock pick to open it. Inside is another locked door and a computer. Access the computer to get a coded file. It has a number at the end of the data stick. Use it to unlock the door. Unside are three Sticky Cams and three Sticky Shocker. After you do that and return to the hall, the alarm always sounds.

After interrogating the driver and heading back upstairs, save at the checkpoint and view the intermission sequence of the window in the courtyard opening. Walk out on the balcony and turn left. Jump on the rain gutter on the wall. Move along the gutter towards the open window. If an alarm goes off, you have not properly hidden your dead bodies. Move back through the level and throw all your dead bodies into dark corners.

Instead of falling on the balcony and sliding down the pipe when the level first begins, turn to the left. You will find one of those things you can rappel down. You can repel down and into the building.

Once you rappel through the glass window and kill the guard, access the computer in the far right corner of the level first. Then, access the main (Nikoladze's) computer closest to the window. Immediately run back to the window and drop out, but stay near to the ledge so that you will grab hold of it and hang out with the window. Guards will enter and search the office. They will not see you if you remain hanging out the window. They will clear the room, then leave. You can now access the computer again (as instructed by HQ). Then, proceed with caution when reaching your extraction point.

Use the following trick to hack into a computer without getting detected. Start by rappelling down the building as usual, until you see a guard. Then, take a clear shot at his head. Once this is done, break into the window, grab his grenade, and shoot out all the lights in the room. Then, check the computer. When the guards come running in, fall out the window that you came in through. Hang until they all are gone. When the shocking music stops, get up and check the computer again. Finally, go out the door and turn left. Go through the door that was previously jammed. Run to the bottom and grab the medikit; then go through the door. Quickly turn around to face the door. Throw the grenade to kill the guard pursuing you. Make sure you are far enough away to avoid injury. Hop on the pipe and slide down to the bottom. If you are quick enough, you can see how the guard was killed by your partner.

After you access Nikoladze's computer, you must go out and hang from the window. After they all leave, if you only knocked out the guard when you came in, you must either kill him or knock him out again. Quickly go back to the computer to gain the information. Then, you must leave the room. Go out the door and go to your left. At this point you do not need to be silent. Go to the door that you could not open previously to find a flight of stairs. Go down them. Pick up the medical kit and use it if needed. Open the door, then jump over the railing to your left. Immediately run to the elevator shaft at the far end of the roof as fast as you can. Do the same thing as you did with Nikoladze's window -- hang down. A guard will appear and investigate. Do not worry -- just keep hanging. He will leave in a moment. After he leaves, wait a second to make sure he is far enough. Climb back up, then turn around. On the opposite side is a pole which you can go down. Jump across and grab it. When you go down, your van will be towards your left. Your van help will kill a guard. Go up and talk to him.

When at the top of the roof at the Defense Ministry -- while hanging from the elevator shaft, you do not need to wait for him to leave to shimmy down the pole. You can drop from beam to beam until you reach the bottom of the shaft. While hanging from the top, drop, then catch the next ledge/beam. This will take you to the garage where your extraction point is located.

After you Laser-Mic the conversation between Masse and Grinko in the glass elevator, kill the three guards in the courtyard and climb the skirting into the South Wing. You will reach the room with the elevator. Hide on the left side of it, aiming your pistol at head level towards the elevator. Two guards will run out. Kill them, but do not waste your time hiding their bodies. Get into the elevator that they came from and go to the seventh floor. There will be a glass door with a keypad on either side of the hall. Go to the one on the right and move back and forth in front of the door. The soldier in there will see you and run to the door. Back up so you will not block the door. Let him unlock the door, and as he is opening it, get your sights on his head. It will not move after the door is opened. The second the door is open all the way -- fire. Do the same on the other glass door. This is a good strategy to get clean head shots.

After you get into the room with the cooks and are hiding in a crouched position, do not use the "throw the bottle into the freezer technique". You will need both of them later. After the soldier leaves the room with the cooks, stay in a crouched position and slowly move along the left side of the table that you were hiding behind. Come up behind the first cook you encounter, in the white shirt. From there, grab him and go into the human shield position with your pistol extended. The other cook may or may not notice that you are there. Shoot the cook that is washing the dishes (or running scared for the alarm). Knock out the cook that you are holding and carry them both into the freezer, as far back as you can go. Turn out the freezer light, then put on your night vision goggles. Turn off the kitchen light and open the door. As quickly as possible, run across the room and hide behind the open door. The guard will enter to turn on the light. As he stops to turn on the light, shoot him in the head. Hide him behind the counter. Next, run out of the open doors and over to the stairwell until you hear the music that indicates that someone saw or heard you. Run back into the room and hide behind the same door as before. The guard will come to turn the light on as before. Do the same thing as you did previously; shoot him in the head. Hide him behind the counter and go back into the kitchen. Get one of the glass bottles by the open window, on the table, and run back through the kitchen, through the adjacent room, and through the open doors. It is now safe to turn off your night vision. Note the guard by the locked door across this huge room. Walk over to the balcony and hum the bottle at him. Sometimes you will knock him out, sometimes you do not. If you do not, you will hear him say either "that's unusual" or "what the Hell...?". Either way, go once more into the room in which you killed the two guards. Hide once more behind the open door by the light switch. It may take him awhile to get up there, but he will also meet the same fate as his two comrades. Shoot him in the head as he turns on the light. That eliminates the guard by the door, thus decreasing the chance of an alarm going off while you take out the second guard in that room. This will be a little trickier. Go out of the room and down the stairs onto the second level. After you get to the bottom of the stairs, go straight into the corner that you are facing. Go to the railing and run back and forth across it until you hear the music that indicates you have been sighted again. Hide back in the corner and wait for him to climb up the stairs. Once he gets up there, you have two choices. Either sneak up behind him and knock him out, or shoot him in the head. Now that you have cleared the room of the two guards, go back up the stairs and into the kitchen. Get the last bottle, exit the kitchen, go back into the room, and down the stairs. Use the computer until you hear Lambert talking. He will tell you that a Colonel is coming and some other things. Hide under the stairs to the left of the computer desk, in the dark by the wall. Wait for the Colonel to get down the stairs and sit in his desk. Throw your bottle at the wall in front and to the left of the Colonel. He will go to see what happened. Sneak up and grab him, thus giving you access to the Retinal Scanner.

After interrogating the driver, you are supposed to go out to the balcony in the courtyard and hang on the gutter. To do this without setting off the alarm, take the two guards that you killed or knocked out in the hallway into the room. Hide them, then turn off the light. You should now be able to make it to the other window without setting off the alarm.

Once you have rappelled down the wall and into the east wing, sneak up behind the guard and knock him out. Put him on the balcony. Take out the camera, take the data stick, then proceed to the door. Open the door and crouch behind it. You should see one guard patrolling and another standing still. Wait until the patrolling guard is walking away, then sneak into the shadowed part of the hallway. Wait until he is walking away again and open the door to your left. Run up the stairs to the medkit. The guards should not notice you. Proceed down the stairwell by crouching under cameras and shooting lights out. Save your checkpoint at the bottom. Sneak past the first camera and stick to the wall on your left. Take out the other camera near the car and watch from the shadows as the driver inspects the camera, then walks off. Go around the corner to the pillar at the back right and hide on its right side. The guard will return and, after awhile, start smoking. Sneak up behind him, drag him into the dark, and interrogate him. Go back the way you came, in the shadows. Near the door where you entered should be a guard. Stay in the shadows, sneak up behind him, knock him out, and hide his body in the elevator shaft. Sneak past the camera and go back up the stairwell. there should only be one guard in the hall. Knock him out and then hide his body in the darkness near where you acquired the medkit.

In the beginning of the Defense Ministry mission, after you have gone through the first room and are in the hallway with the two guards (one patrolling, the other on the left side of the hall facing away from you), crouch and sneak into the shadows on the left side of the wall. Go into the room on the left, behind the stationary guard. Walk straight through the door, then up the wooden planks. There will be a medkit on the wall -- take it. Turn back towards the wooden planks and look up. You should see a metal girder. Get close to the wall on the left and do a double jump to get on that girder. Once standing on it, there should be another girder in front of you. Jump and get on it. Then, turn around and you should see yet another girder. Jump on it. Directly in front of you should be a medkit and a disposable pick on a well lit platform. Jump to it, pick up the items, and turn around again. Run to the girder (you do not have to jump). If done correctly, you should grab onto it. Release the girder and immediately hold Left Analog-stick Up to grab the next girder down.
The following is a perfect place to dispose of a single body. The reason you can only do this with one person is because there is only one person in the room. Make your way to the point where you have to hack into a computer. After you repel down the window and kill the guard, pick him up and walk towards the window. When you barely start to fall off, pull out your weapon to quickly drop the guard . This is an easier and quicker way to drop a body. If done correctly, the guard will fall out the window onto the ground, where no one can find him.

When you are supposed to get the briefcase, wait until the man runs all the way back where the boat was located. He will be crouched down. Hit him with your shoulder and pick him up. It is important not to kill him yet. Go to the edge and drop him into the water. You can hear him drowning.

In the Kalinatek building, when you overhear two guards talk about gun turrets and wall mines in a hallway, open the door next to the glass wall. Use your SC-20K in sniper mode and shoot the wall mine on the transparent wall. This should take out the two guards that are talking. Switch off the hallway lights and a third guard should come around to inspect the flames. Snipe him down, pick up any satchels, and make your way to the elevator.

Sneak over to the right side to find something to climb to get on a shed. There is a trap door on top. Open it and go down it. Work your way around to find some pipes. Climb them as far as you can go, until you see a burning building. There is a slide wire here. Jump on it. Once inside the building, a woman will guide you .Do not go in the room in front of you . Go left down the hallway, then in a room, then back into the hallway. Go up the staircase. When there is a gap of fire, climb on a pipe above to get across. Once you get to a big room, the woman will tell you to go to some stairs in the opposite corner. Go up there in a room to find a man. He will talk. After that, leave through the only exit to find a room with smoke pouring out of it. Use your night vision in the room to find a door to go through. Save the game at this point. Then, go out the door and you will find a gap. Jump across it, then wait for the guard to get off the radio. Knock him out by grabbing him. Shoot out the two lights and go by the window on the right side. You can slide it open and jump in. Wait for the guard to open the door, then sneak up behind him and kill him. Go to the room with the keypad-locked door. As you enter the room, the first picture on the left can move. Move it and access the computer. The key to the door is 091772. Go on the balcony find the slide rope on the left. Use it to get to the roof. Work your way to find to the crooked cops. Wait for them to call for an ambulance, then grab the first man and shoot the other man. A civilian will report seeing you. Keep your hostage and kill the man around the corner. Then, dispose of your hostage. Go up the stairs. You should be in the courtyard area. Instead of shooting the lights, run to the far right corner. Stay ducked during all of this. In the bushes is a hidden area. Use the computer and get the med kits. Wait for the guard to come by, then shoot him in the head to conserve ammunition. .Proceed to the open gate. There is a drunk on the right. He will not attack, but try to grab him. If you let him see you, and he will run off. Grab him when you get close enough. Continue through the street. There is one guard around the corner and perhaps one more up ahead. Kill them and move on to find a lit area. Go to the far left and do a wall jump over the wall. Once inside, go down the stairs. The keypad on the door requires 5929 to be entered to gain access. Go inside and wait to kill the guard. Move all bodies you kill to somewhere dark where they will not be seen. Use the lock pick to open any locked doors and access all computers. There is a guard in the lab. Kill him. Carefully take out the camera in the morgue, then grab and interrogate the scared man. Do no knock him out yet. When he tells you nothing new, then knock him out. Walk up to the bodies on the tables. Lambert talks and you will keep going. Carefully walk through the door and kill the guard on the left. Let the other man go . Go into the room, use the computer, and get the med kit. Do not go out the double doors -- it is a waste of time. Go to the automatic door and walk up the stairs. Then, be quiet and sneak up on the first man and grab him. Take him to the dark area where you came from, then knock him out. Do the same to other man at the computer. Next, go to the door across from where the second computer man was located. Once inside you will see a silhouette. Go past the drapes, grab him, and knock him out. Access the computer to learn that you have completed the mission. Go out those double door that you passed earlier for extraction. Note: Always duck when you try grab someone because it is quieter.

When you are on the run from the guards after sniping Nicoladze, in the dining hall climb on a cabinet. Then, jump to the balcony that you see. Go through the door in this room. You will find four guards. Do not shoot them yet. Instead, sneak upstairs and turn off the light. Crouch in that corner and snipe them after they come up to the level that you are on. You will be able to shoot all the guards because of their curiosity to find out what is going on upstairs.

After you take the elevator down to the library and have to fight all the guards, instead of going against the guards and using up ammunition, use the following trick. When the elevator opens, run to your right and towards the flight of stairs. Run to the left of the stairs into a flight of stairs that will lead down There will be a guard there. Do not shoot him. Instead, just pass him and he will not shoot or follow you. Do not run to the door to the right of the stairs, as there are two guards coming up there.

After you put in the code to open the gate by the waterfall (2126), make sure that the guard is dead. Go right from the open gate. Go along the stone wall/fencing and gate to the end of the walkway. On the wall, you will see a faint line between darkness and lightness. Go to the other side of this line and walk forward. You will pass through the wall into a small area in between two larger walls. From here, you might be able to do a split jump.

When you first encounter the Elites, there will be two men on the bottom level, one on your level, and one more on the top level. Hide just inside the door, to the right. Equip your Smoke Grenade first, then snipe the man on the top level. Then, immediately turn to the left and launch the grenade at the wall, aiming to the right so it will stop at the top of the stairs. Use Thermal Vision to kill them if the gas does not. They will run just around the corner sometimes -- just take them out with your pistol. On the part where you just get off the elevator, immediately run to your left, shoot out the light in the dark corner, then stand between the small pillar and the wall (to protect you from the guard standing at the top of the stairs), opposite the stairway. Equip your other Smoke Grenade then wait a few seconds. Launch the grenade at the bookcase that is opposite the elevator. Gun down the guards that come around while they are choking. Move to the right side of the bookcase closest to you. While crouching slowly back up until you see the guard's head that just appears over the books. Kill him with a head shot. Follow the wall to the right and do the same with the guard that was standing on the balcony directly over you. After you use Nicolatze and the lights go out, run to your left and hide between the pillar and the box. Throw a Frag Grenade between the two boxes by the guards. Snipe the other three men while taking cover. After you snipe Nicolatze, kill the guard, then run down the stairs and immediately shoot out the two lights in the kitchen. Wait for all three guards to walk in one at a time and knock them out. Go to the other side of the dining room, then go through the double doors. Choose any door to open. As soon as you do, run back to the dark kitchen. Equip a Frag Grenade and throw it at the guards that are searching for you. Knock them out as they enter, but make sure they are alone. After you kill all four, you have completed the game.

Look through the door with the thermal vision headset. Shoot at the door and run to the corner. The guard closest to the door will investigate what happened. As soon as he is standing still, snipe him in the head. The other guard will not notice. When the door shuts, get the body and hide it in the other room. Then, go to the door, open it, and run back to the corner. The other guard will see you, but will not know what it is and will investigate. When he opens the door and stands still, shoot him in the head. You do not need to hide his body. Go into the next room and look over the stairs to the other side of the room. Snipe the guard standing up in the head, then run to the dark corner next to the stairs. Switch the gun to rapid fire. When the other guard runs around the corner, shoot him.

After you snipe Nickoladze from the balcony near the end of the mission, go through the door behind you (save checkpoint). Stop and snipe the glass door at the end of the dining room. This will put the two guards in a zombie state and will prevent them from coming through that door, therefore making it easier to finish the game.

Run down the stairs and enter the door opposite of the diner. Shoot out both lights then jump and crawl onto the metal cabinet on the right. Take out your SC-20K and wait for a guard to enter the room. Quickly shoot him in the head. Another guard should enter. Also shoot him in the head. If another guard enter, do the same thing to him. Then, run into the dining room. Jump and crawl onto the cabinet on the left. Jump onto the balcony and slowly walk in. There will be four guards (two on both sides of the room). Very quietly walk to the other side. Jump onto the rail (while crouched) and hang on. Quietly fall to the ground and open the door to complete the mission.

Once you use the thermal goggles to open the door, you will enter a large open room. Note: Under the normal difficulty setting the keycode is "1436" or "1463". To the right will be a sentry gun. Run straight forward and out of its range, then face the gun. To the left of it will be the computer. Go to it and "Disable IFF" (the circle will be empty), or just disable it. Then, jump up on the shelf you see to your upper right. Pull yourself up, jump on a jar, then climb up where the banister is broken. Go to the sentry gun's computer and make the circle next to "Disable IFF" empty. Duck behind the gun then watch as two guards walk out and get shot. The last sentry gun at the top of the steps on the opposite side of the room is not a problem. Look behind you (when you are behind the sentry gun that just shot the two guards) to find a pipe. Jump up on it and shimmy across. You will see a guard and a colonel. Get back to where you are not visible by the colonel. He will let the guard through the door. When he has his back to you, slowly creep up behind him. Make sure you do not knock him out when you jump off the pipe. Force him to let you through the retinal scanner door and continue on with the mission.

After talking to the Chinese diplomats, go towards the center aisle, between the sentry guns. Use the sniper view to see a man coming from the hallway and take him out. Then, immediately look to the left to see a soldier awaiting a Frag Grenade explosion. Shoot him in the head. Note: It is essential that you take out this soldier to succeed in the mission. Then, go to the room where the American soldiers are crouching. Stand in the doorway. Face the way the soldiers appear from. A soldier crouching will be going directly for that room. Take him out, and then move back to the center. As a colonel (the man with the red hat) throws a grenade, snipe him in the head. Then, move back into the doorway where the Americans are located. You will hear Grinko saying that he is coming and that he is ordering a man to come with him. Stand in the doorway and shoot the soldier that comes that way. Pick up the medkit and go back in the middle in between the sentry guns. Then, move forward towards the short concrete wall. Kill Grinko with either a snipe to the head of a Frag Grenade. As soon as you kill him, the mission will be completed.

In the Slaughter House level (the level about the web-broadcast), there are many pesky sentry guns. To keep from getting annihilated by them, use flares. You can find five of them close together. Rolling seems to work best in avoiding the guns. Roll just outside of the gun's quarter-turn area so you are close enough to reach the computer control. Light a flare and throw it in a way that will allow you safe passage to the computer, then disable the gun. Be careful -- the flare only distracts it just enough to give you a small time frame to get to the computer.

When you make it to the end of the level and are near the three soldiers and the three Chinese diplomats, you will see two sentry guns protecting the entrances. Set up wall mines (if available) on the side of the room opposite the doors. This is a trap for the soldiers that appear later. Turn back to the two sentry guns. The one on the left is guarding the soldiers. You want to leave the gun on, but make sure the circle next to "Disable IFF" is not filled in. This will set the gun to attack anyone (namely the enemies that try to kill your fellow soldiers). Disable the gun on the right and also make sure the IFF circle is not filled in. Once you enter and talk to the Chinese diplomat, you will be alerted that Grinko is coming. Exit out of the room, turn on the gun you just disabled, and start aiming across the room. You will see multiple soldiers approaching. A lot of them will be blown up, or catch fire and die. Watch for ones with frag grenades. Once the other soldiers are dead, Grinko can be easily dealt with. Keep some cover and start looking for a little head popping up above the wooden partitions then shoot him in the face (or use a frag grenade if available). Once Grinko is dead, disable the gun on the left and you will have completed the mission.

Walk over to the ledge on the left during the training mission. Do a double jump to get up onto the ledge, then turn left. Go to the keypad and enter "5656" to enter the second room. Talk to the NPC. When done, you can knock her out and fail training.

Start in the training area. You have to wait until the intermission scenes are over and they "calibrate" your equipment by looking in the four directions. When you can move, run to the right and do a double jump off of the wall on your right to climb onto the ledge. Once you are on the ledge, turn to your right and you will see a door. Open it. Inside you should find a lock pick. Exit the room and go through the obstacle course. at the end. Lambert will tell you to find a way over the gate. Do the usual (a double jump over the wall and to the other side) but do not open the "garage door". Instead, go to the locked door and use your newly acquired lock pick. Inside, you should find a computer. Use it and you will retrieve a Data Stick. On it will be a keypad code for another secret area in the training room. Return to the beginning of the training level where you first started. This time, do a double jump on the other side. Here, you will find the door that requires the keypad code. Once inside, talk to the NPC. Note: if you knock her out after completing all of the conversations, Lambert will fail you.

Walk over to the ledge on the right during the training mission. Do a double jump to get up onto the ledge, then turn left. Go to the door and open it. Inside, you will find a set of lock picks.
If you find a room being patrolled by a guard or worker, wait until he leaves, then turn off the light switch. When he returns, he will immediately move to the light switch to turn it on. At this point, his back should be turned to you. Quietly sneak up and either grab or punch him without firing your weapon.

Always try to stay in shadows or bushes; crouch when walking around; try to take someone hostage before shooting them; always try to use your night vision/thermo goggles just to check to see if there is anything to get around you; and drag bodies into dark corners.

To retrieve a Sticky Camera that is too high to reach, shoot it with the sniper rifle or the handgun. It will fall to the ground.

Use the following trick to have essentially unlimited ammunition for knocking out enemies. This does not work until after you have found the SC-20K and have Sticky Cameras. If you are close to an enemy and want to knock him out, shoot him in the head with a Sticky Camera. It will knock out your enemy, and you can then pick the camera up off of the ground.

For a convenient attack on a guard or character without being noticed, fire a Sticky Camera (not a Diversion Camera) at your targets' head. Due to gravity, aim slightly higher, near the top of the head or above it. This saves bullets, eliminates the risk of being seen, and you can pick up the cameras and use them again.

In the levels in the game after you gain the SC-20K, you can easily take out large groups of enemies using the Diversion Cameras. First, find a good hiding place. Fire a Diversion Camera at the first guard. Make sure you hit him in the head. Then, all the other guards will approach to investigate. You can now easily gas them.

If you are pinned down by a turret, throw a flare across it. The turret will be distracted for a moment, which may be long enough for you to sneak behind it and disable it.

You cannot be seen when hiding in dark places. Shoot the lights to make it dark, but make sure that there are no guards around. Do not stay in the light too long.

When using the manual lockpick, instead of rotating it slowly as the game suggests, press the Analog-stick in one of the four diagonal corners, as the "rumble" will always be in one of those directions. This is much quicker.

To read the heat signature on a keypad, you can either walk up to the keypad and look at it with the heat goggles on, use sniper mode at a distance with the heat goggles on, or activate the keypad and turn on your heat goggles there. The order of the buttons will be as follows, based on color: Deep Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Light Green, Yellow, Orange, Red. For example, if you had a Deep Blue button at 1, a Light Green button at 3, a Light Blue button at 4, and a Orange-Ish Red button at 6, the code would be 1-4-3-6.

This trick where you use your thermal goggles to read the code punched in by a guard is extremely useful, but only available in the second Chinese Embassy mission as the current temperature in the Embassy is low enough for you to notice a difference on the buttons that were pressed by the guard. The buttons go from a deep red color to a deep blue color. Look for the button that is slightly different from most of the other buttons. Then, look for a lighter blue button and so on. following green, yellow, orange and finally red.

If you have someone chasing you, run out a door, and when it closes, stand in front of the door for awhile. The guard will sometimes try to open it before he gives up. Note: The door must open towards you, and not towards the enemy. The game can crash sometimes when you do this. If the guard starts shooting at the door, you must open it quickly. Otherwise, the game will glitch and you will be invisible to the enemy and no event triggers will start.

Hint: Dropping down from high locations silently:
If jumping at a place that is a long way down, you will probably die or get hurt. If there is a guard nearby, try to jump down on him so that he takes the damage. Note: You can go into the silent drop while hitting him, so nobody will hear him scream. If there are no guards nearby, go into the silent drop, and when you touch the ground, quickly hold Jump. If done correctly, you will only get about 25% of the damage that you would normally receive by such a drop.

You can land quieter by crouching immediately before you hit the ground.

Hint: Shooting lights accurately:
When you want to shoot out a light and need make it accurate, turn on your heat vision. You should be able to knock out the light faster and easier.

Slowly go up to a Wall Mine. It will flash red and green at an even pace. To disable this, you have to press Action when it flashes green. If it becomes red the instant before you press Action, it will explode. The way to always do this safely is to hold Action button when the "Disable Wall Mine" selection appears. Then, if it is green, release the button. If it is red on the screen, move the selection up to "Back To Game" and try again.

When using the sniper mode of the SC-20K, you can hold L1 to make Sam hold his breath and aim more accurately. You can use this to clear out rooms or open areas from afar without letting anyone spot you. The safest way is to wait for a guard to stop in his tracks. Then, hold L1, set the target on his head and take the shot. This is extremely helpful in the first few levels from when you pickup the SC-20K. However, when you get to the Abbatoir mission, you must be extremely careful as the guards can see you from a lot further, can see you in the shadows, and also have more powerful weapons. You must exercise extreme caution. From Abbatoir onwards, if there are multiple guards in the one room, your best choice of action is to use a smoke grenade, if they are bunched up. If not. then do not go in commando-style because the guards from here on out are much more powerful than in previous levels.

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