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Enter the club
To enter the club with waif's dad you need that plant thing you get at the very start. You need recordings from the Mayor, the blacksmith, rebecca and I think the wizard Canuk. You need to replay these recordings to get the disc piece.

How to get to the Temple of Bel Nair(or what ever it is)
After you get the Fairy dust, sprinkle it on the ROTTEN meat. Chuck at the vulture pits. They will eat the meat, and go to sleep. They won't bother you for the rest of the game(in the cave). Go in, get the talon. attach it to the rope. Go to ben and learn the cow hitch. You can only get to the lighthouse if you have the vulture. use the wire someone talks about in this section, unlock the general store and then you can shake the cereal packet shake it twice, and you will get a whistle. now join the whistle and the magnet together. If you haven't got the magnet, get the box from the hardware store at west shanbar.
put the rats from the general store in the box, but not WITH the mice go to Ben, get his letter, hire a boat, put the rats in the moter, and your'e off! When you get to witch Itahs abode, go in. make sure you haven't got the rotten meat or she will tell you to go out. talk, get permission to take the bats, give the letter to her, navigate the bog, turn around. go in the woods,let the bats out. they fly away leaving poo. Follow the trail, you will get to the dock. show Moodocks coin. go to Canuks Shack. prise the knocker off with the sword. You get a disc piece in Canuks shack, but I wont go into that.
do the magnet thing, fly to lighthouse. Go up the stairs(give Illuminite to the guy if you want)
do a cow-hitch, attach talon to rope and throw across. Bel Nair temple is up the road

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