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Crimsonland PC Cheats

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  Crimsonland Cheats





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Crimsonland Cheats On PC
Crimsonland PC Cheat Instuctions

Wherever the bullet impacted the creature, stand on that. It'll be somewhere in the middle of the blood/corpse. Wait until creatures take you below 1/5 of your health, without moving, kill all the creatures that were attacking you. If successful, you will receive the Blade Gun immediatley.

Start viewing the credits of the game. Click every line that has the letter 'o' in it. You will hear a chiming noise to confirm that you clicked it correctly. Click every line with a letter 'o' in it. Then when the list of names end, wait a while and more should come up. Click those with an 'o' in them as well and the words 'Secrets' should appear. Click it and you should be able to play the mini game. Make sure you click all of them with the 'o' or it will not work.

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