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Hercules PC Cheats

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  Hercules Cheats





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Hercules Cheats On PC
Hercules PC Cheat Instuctions


Easy Level Password
Your Basic Did Coin, Helmet, Hydra, Lightning
The Hero's Gauntlet Hercules' Head, Medusa, Pegasus, Pegasus
Centaur's Forest Lightning, Coin, Lightning, Archer
The Big Olive Part 1 Archer, Gladiator, Hydra, Lightning
The Big Olive Part 2 Lightning, Minotaur, Medusa, Coin
Hydra Canyon Pegasus, Coin, Lightning, Archer
Medusa's Lair Nessus, Helmet, Gladiator, Lightning
Cyclops Attack Pegasus, Nessus, Nessus, Hydra
Titan Flight Pegasus, Pegasus, Helmet, Coin

Medium Level

Level Password
Your Basic Did Gladiator, Minotaur, Gladiator, Medusa
The Hero's Gauntlet Hydra, Medusa, Coin, Medusa
Centaur's Forest Nessus, Hercules' Head, Minotaur, Archer
The Big Olive Part 1 Nessus, Coin, Hydra, Hercules' Head
The Big Olive Part 2 Gladiator, Hydra, Archer, Gladiator
Hydra Canyon Coin, Helmet, Coin, Gladiator
Medusa's Lair Archer, Pegasus, Archer, Nessus
Cyclops Attack Helmet, Pegasus, Hercules' Head, Archer
Titan Flight Gladiator, Coin, Coin, Lightning
Passageway Of Eternal Torment Medusa, Gladiator, Nessus, Pegasus
Vortex Of Souls Gladiator, Lightning, Gladiator, Nessus

Herculean Level

Level Password
Your Basic Did Pegasus, Archer, Minotaur, Medusa
The Hero's Gauntlet Nessus, Hydra, Helmet, Lightning
Centaur's Forest Lightning, Minotaur, Gladiator, Gladiator
The Big Olive Part 1 Minotaur, Medusa, Hydra, Medusa
The Big Olive Part 2 Archer, Helmet, Archer, Coin
Hydra Canyon Medusa, Gladiator, Pegasus, Coin
Medusa's Lair Hydra, Gladiator, Pegasus, Nessus
Cyclops Attack Helmet, Pegasus, Minotaur, Medusa
Titan Flight Hydra, Pegasus, Pegasus, Helmet
Passageway Of Eternal Torment Gladiator, Hercules' Head, Medusa, Coin
Vortex Of Souls Coin, Hydra, Minotaur, Gladiator

Secret password

Beat Hades and get this code:Centaur,Medusa,Helmet,Hydra

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