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One Must Fall - 2097 PC Cheats

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  One Must Fall - 2097 Cheats





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One Must Fall - 2097 Cheats On PC
One Must Fall - 2097 PC Cheat Instuctions

In the menu screen type 2,0,9,7 or 2,0,9,5 and a new menu will appear

To swap robots:

Edit the file(s) and change the first byte to the desired robot (ex: jaguar=0, nova=10), change the first 00 of the jag file to 0A and the nova to 00 (0A goes in the selected file, understand?) then rename the files.

Sound Effects Test:

Press/hold ALT-S-F on title screen to activate a new menu item in the configuration menu (Sound Effects Test). Hehehehe.

Choosing Hidden Difficulty levels

To choose Deadly Level (for ONE PLAYER only), keep pressing the right arrow key even though it is on Champion Level already. Deadly will show up after about 5-8 kep presses.

To choose Ultimate level (for ONE PLAYER only), press and hold down these keys: O+M+F. Press them together at once will let you choose Ultimate level.

If you are in Deadly Level and (may not be needed) in Hyper Mode, doing a Destruction on certain boards will result in slightly modified forms of the Destruction being done. To try this out, choose Jaguar and fight in ONE PLAYER mode with Deadly Hyper on, and do a destruction to opponent on the FIRE stage (the one with the 'grill' <-- BIG HINT on the floor with the flying fireballs). Watch linoleum fly!

Some stuff to type while playing:

In any menu except the gameplay menu, press and hold 2097 for 2 sec. Then go to Gameplay menu and you'll have access to an advanced options menu.

While playing, press and hold BIG and any number from 1-9 to increase or decrease amound of scrap falling off a robot when hit.

While playing, press and hold REIN for 2 seconds to get a lot of scrap falling from the top of the screen.

** Please note ** In all the editing below there appears to be differences in the registered and unregistered versions As always back up your files before editing them!

Using debug, enter: debug [savegame.chr] at the - prompt, enter:

E 128 FF FF FF (for the big money cheat)

E 11C C1 E8 C3 EA
E 204 34 71 A2 (for max MECH power, speed, armor, stun res)
E 210 54 30 AC
E 214 64 50 D0

E 120 D4 C1 D6 (for max PILOT power, agility, endurance

E 11B C4 (to use PYRO)
E 11B C5 (to use THORN)
E 11B C6 (to use SHADOW)
E 11B C7 (to use JAGUAR)

To exit debug and save your changes enter:


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