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Onimusha 3 Playstation 2 Cheats

Game Name:

  Onimusha 3 Cheats


  Playstation 2



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Onimusha 3 Cheats On Playstation 2
Onimusha 3 Playstation 2 Cheat Instuctions

Puzzle Mini Game
Complete all puzzles in the normal game.

Secret Training Mode
Complete normal training mode, and complete the game.

Shooting Mini Game
Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

Michelle's Costume.
Complete the game with Onimusha ranking.

Panda Costume
Complete Secret Training mode.

Easy Mode
Get "Game Over" twice.

Hard Mode
Complete the game on normal mode.

Issen Mode
Complete game on hard mode.

Oni Mode
Complete Issen mode.

Ultimate Mode
Complete the shooting mini game.

Unlock the Three Swords of Onimusha.
Complete all of the phantim realms, finish the game, and start new game.

Heihachi Buraiden Mini Game
Finish the game.

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