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Samurai Western Playstation 2 Cheats

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  Samurai Western Cheats


  Playstation 2



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Samurai Western Cheats On Playstation 2
Samurai Western Playstation 2 Cheat Instuctions

As you level up, points get harder to earn. If you want a fast way to increase your character's stats and level, you should have a fairly powerful (L13+) Hyakki Yako weapon (high stance) and the Cowboy Accessories Set (or any accessories that give you a large amount of MP). Enter Stage 14 Wilderness on Normal or Hard difficulty and turn on the Custom Rules for Constant Master Mode, No Falling, No Grabbing, and Under Time. Go through that stage and kill all the enemies as usual. At the end, you should jump up quite a few levels. If Gojiro is already at Level 99, playing through Stage 14 with those four custom rules active will pretty much top off an entire level each play. (Note: you will not be able to increase the performance of accessories or weapons due to Master Mode being constantly on).

Wanted Posters appear in the stages when you replay a stage on Hard difficulty (strangely enough, not any other difficulty). Some exceptions are noted below. You will need to double-jump to get to most of these posters, so you may wish to power-up a One-Handed weapon before you start looking.

Stage 1 Hard - Ripper. Head to the Saloon and locate a General Store across the street from it. A Wanted Poster will be perched high in the air. Get on top of the Saloon's front porch then walk across the streamer that is stretched across the street to get the poster.

Stage 2 Hard - Oaf. Under one of the stairs to the second level is the poster.

Stage 3 Hard - Eve. Head to the train station. There is a poster in an alley by the side of the train depot. It's on the ground, so it should be easy to get.

Stage 4 Hard - Vile. Go to the graveyard, but move past it to locate a covered bridge. Cross the bridge to a small area with several cabins. The poster is near the wooden barricade by those cabins.

Stage 5 Hard - Little Baby. Gojiro starts off in Goldberg's study. The backdoor past the desk is closed (it's open in a later version of this stage). The poster is on the other side of that closed door, but you will need to head downstairs and head across the Resident Evil Spencer Mansion-style stairs to the dining room. From there, look for some stairs that lead to the study's closed door (and the poster).

Stage 6 Hard - Bart. An opening by an entrance to the courtyard. It's on the ground and easy to get.

Stage 7 Hard - General. Inside a small shed along the train tracks. It's that shed near the corral.

Stage 8 Hard - Faceless Boss. On the chandelier. Leave the fat gunman near the piano alive (or the stage ends). You may want to jump-attack and knock that enemy behind the piano so he cannot hit you when you're jumping. Head to the second floor and use the chandelier's chain as a way to get to the poster.

Stage 9 Hard - Joey. The coal mine has several bridges; one of them has a poster after you cross it and head into a dead end.

Stage 9 Hard - Nathan. The poster is on one of the buildings in the quarry where you start off. Not too difficult.

Stage 10 Hard - Anne. There are small and large tombstones in the cemetary. Pick up a large tombstone and locate one of the trees in the cemetary. The poster is in plain sight but you will need to set down the tombstone and use it as a platform to reach it.

Stage 10 Hard - Brat. Inside the destructable outhouse between the main town and the cemetary.

Stage 11 Hard - Donald. Locate the train station. Face it and then turn clockwise (to your right) until you can see white smoke coming out from the building in the distance. There is a poster on the balcony near that smoking building.

Stage 12 Hard - Jean. In the air next to the bridge. A double-jump is necessary to reach the poster from the top of the bridge. Get up top by running up the bridge's side support.

Stage 13 Hard Faceless Peon. This one is easy. It's on one of the pipes that you can reach with a single jump. It's near the steam engine, if you need to be specific.

Stage 14 Hard - Lanky. Right at the entrance to the Wilderness. Once the stage starts, spin Gojiro around and head back through the path seen in the introductory cut-scene.

Stage 15 Hard - Rando. When the stage starts, don't enter the fortress yet; instead, follow the right wall and push through the narrow path to a hidden area near the precipice for the poster.

Stage 16 Hard - Goldberg Clothed. Behind Goldberg's desk, there are some stairs that lead back down to the dining room. The poster is underneath that satircase and requires a double-jump from the landing to grab.

Stage 16 Hard - Ralph. Be sure to explore the first level of the mansion and locate some pipes. The poster is on those pipes -- double-jump to grab it.

Stage 16 Normal - Sweetheart. This is one of the few posters that show up on Normal difficulty. Head to the dining room and locate the fireplace. There is a screen in the corner by that fireplace. Jump past it to grab the poster.

Extra Stage 6 Hard - Goldberg Unclothed. Locate the statue of Goldberg in the garden courtyard. Climb on top of it and face the same direction the statue is facing and the poster should be visible. You'll need to double-jump to get it.

Extra Stage 9 Hard - Killer. Right above the entrance to the mine is a poster that's just floating there. Be sure to power-up the one-handed weapon as much as possible before venturing into this extra stage. The only method is to double jump onto the shed and cross over on the rope.

Extra Stage 13 Hard - Claudia. Head into the room where you fight the leprachaun bosses. The poster is on a rock outcrop on the side of the room. To reach it, you will need to get from it from higher ground. You may want to do this during the fight with the boss (since the boss never comes out of his room). Skillful placement of the box will let you double jump and reach this poster.

Extra Stage 13 Hard - Harvey. Enter the mine and get down to the first large room. Leaving that first large room, Gojiro can go right or left. Opt to head right and you'll locate a wooden bridge that leads nowhere. A poster is under that bridge. Use the supports closest to the poster and simply jump against it. The nasty clipping will pull Gojiro upwards towards one of the cross-beams that will be solid and fairly close to the poster.

Extra Stage 16 Normal - Urchin. On top of the rock formation in the center of the map. Single jumps can reach it, so no special rules here.

Cowgirl Anne. Play through Survival Mode and clear stage 6 (defeating the cowgirl boss). Afterwards, you start back in stage 1 with harder enemies. Select the option to quit the survival session and you will unlock the Cowgirl. Make sure you are quitting the session and not heading to the equipment screen (or retrying) or you will not save your progress.

Way Of The Samurai Characters. Clear all stages for Insane difficulty. This includes the extra stages. You only need to clear the stages, not set any high scores.
Extra Stage 6

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