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Time Crisis 2 Playstation 2 Cheats

Game Name:

  Time Crisis 2 Cheats


  Playstation 2



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Time Crisis 2 Cheats On Playstation 2
Time Crisis 2 Playstation 2 Cheat Instuctions

Free Play and up to 9 Lives on PAL version
Complete Story mode on the Very Hard difficulty.

Mirror mode:
To activate the Mirror Mode, you must clear the Story Mode without using the "Continue" function.

Stage Trial 2:
To reach Stage Trial 2, clear Stage 1 of the Story Mode at any difficulty level.

Stage Trial 3:
To reach Stage Trial 3, clear Stage 2 of the Story Mode at any difficulty level.

Crisis Mission:
This mode appears in the Extra Games. To access Day 1 of the mission, clear the Story Mode once. To access Days 2 to 5 and the final day, you must clear the current day. For example, when you clear Mission Day 2, Mission Day 3 will be activated. To access the Extra Mission, clear 4 Day Missions out of 5. To access Final Mission 2, clear all extra missions except the Final Day. Note: You do not have to clear all missions in a day to access the next day. Out of the 5 missions in a day (not including the Extra Mission), only at least 4 need to be cleared to proceed.

Music Player:
To access the Music Player, you must clear the final mission of the Crisis Mission.

Additional Quick and Crash Game Modes:
To access the additional Game Modes, "Chain Hit Game", "One Shot Game" and "10 Second Game", you must achieve higher than fifth place in the Standard Difficulty level. The Target will change in the "Chain Hit Game" as below:

0-48: A cup
49-98: A piggy bank
99-148: A filament light bulb
149-173: Pac-Man
174-198: Cosmo
199-223: Mappy
224-253: Pooka
254 - 255: Bacura

Note: If you shoot Bacura, the counter will stop at 255 points. There will be no further increase in your points after this, regardless of how many targets you continue to hit.

Auto Bullets:
Clear the Story Mode twice at any difficulty level to unlock the capacity to fire 20 bullets in one trigger.

Auto Reload:
Clear the Story Mode at any difficulty level using your Auto Bullets and you will then be entitled to unlimited firepower with your gun.

Crisis Mission Day 3, Mission 4: Bonus points:
When you reach the big boats, destroy the first boat, When you get up to the second boat with the two guns on the back, quickly defeat them and a third one will appear. Defeat this one and you will get a bonus 10,000 points

Wide Shots:
Clear the Story Mode at any difficulty level with the Auto Reload function to enable your firearm to shoot wide shots (shot-gun type with 9 bullets per reload).

Increasing your credits in Arcade Mode:
You will receive extra credits if you clear the Story Mode at any difficulty level. After clearing the mode several times, you will eventually be entitled to "Free Play" and also a maximum of 9 lives to be set in the Game Options. Note: If you run out of credits and lose Story Mode, you will receive extra credits to help you clear Story Mode for the next time you play.

Shoot Away 2 Extra Mode:
To access Extra Mode, you must score good points in the Arcade Original Mode (Retro).

Shoot Away 2 arrange mode:
To access arrange mode, you must score very high points in the arcade original mode (Retro). You will receive bonus points if you hit two clay pigeons with one bullet. Your points will double, so if you hit a 30 points clay and a 40 points clay with one shot, you will get 140 bonus points.

Alternate two player mode:
For a Two Player game on one whole screen (not split screen), select Double Gun Mode and let both players have a gun/controller each. Note: To only use one gun/controller for reloading, set both guns/controllers to reload: press. Now you do not have to hold both controllers/guns to reload.

Stage 1, Area 1: Bonus points:
Immediately before Keith and Robert take separate ways in the middle of the stage is a oil tanker in the background. Shoot it down for 10,000+ points.

Stage 1, Area 2: Bonus points:
In Stage 1, Area 2, when fighting Jacob Kinisky (the first Boss), shoot him in the head and his hat will fall off. Shoot his hat off every time you see him in the area. You will now notice that when you reach the final action point of the area, your partner will move ahead of you and climb up the wall first in an attempt to stop Jacob. He will get knocked down by the NDI vehicle, and you will take Keith's route, where you will find numerous bonus point soldiers (yellow color). Each of these bonus soldiers are worth 5,000 points when shot once, and if shot more than once, the extra shots will also amount to more than a standard soldier. Once all the yellow soldiers are defeated, Area 2 will be clear.

Stage 2, Area 1: Bonus points:
At action point 6, a small group of soldiers will be firing from a wooden platform held together by a yellow and black striped metal support. Shoot this three times. It will fall off and the platform will break, killing the soldiers on it any soldiers below it. You will gain 10,000 bonus points. At the following action point, there will be two oil drums. Shoot one of them three times and the resulting explosion will kill all soldiers. You will receive 5,000 bonus points. Note: Shoot both oil drums twice only, and making sure no enemies can harm you, shoot the left drum once and instantly shoot the right drum after the left one has been hit. Two +5000 points should appear, totaling a double bonus of 10,000.

Stage 2, Area 2: Bonus points:
After you board the train and defeat several soldiers at the far end, a transfer scene (the "Wait" screen) will appear. Keith and Robert will move up to the windows of the train, during which another train passes by, and Buff Bryant (the second Boss, who is holding onto that train) will shoot out the windows of the train which the agents are on, shattering the glass. There will be two bonus point soldiers on that opposite train. As soon as the action commences, you will need to take them out as they pass by on the moving train. If this is accomplished, then instead of taking the usual route (Keith's route), you will instead board the other train (Robert's route), and you will find that several more bonus point soldiers are also here. Note: This does not apply to two player arcade mode. In the same area, if you destroy the cannon on the top of the train quickly, you will receive a 10,000 point bonus.

Stage 3, Area 2: Bonus points:
During the gun battle against both General Ernesto Diaz and Wild Dog, Wild Dog will perform a flying kick followed by rushing at you and attacking you close-up with a punch. If you shoot Wild Dog in the "hand" just as he is going to hit you, you will receive 5,000 bonus points. Furthermore, if you shoot Wild Dog in his "hand" when he is extremely close-up and very close to punching, you will receive a greater point bonus of 10,000

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