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Puyo Pop Fever PSP Cheats

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  Puyo Pop Fever Cheats





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Puyo Pop Fever Cheats On PSP
Puyo Pop Fever PSP Cheat Instuctions

It it possible to use any playable character in Single and Endless modes by inputting the following codes into the Single (RunRun, WakuWaku, HaraHara, Free Battle) screen and the Endless (Fever, Mission, Endless) screen. These must be entered fairly quick. If done right, you will hear the "All Clear" tone and be brought to the character selection screen. Press: Down, Up, Square, Triangle, Start Highlight the view cutscenes option, hold the Square button, up, down, left, right Complete the HaraHara Course with either less than 4 or more than 12 fevers used without continues. Defeat Accord on HaraHara with continues in a multiple of 7 (7, 14 etc), you will then battle Carbuncle instead of Popoi. Defeat him to unlock him. Complete the WakuWaku Course.

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