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Ridge Racer PSP Cheats

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  Ridge Racer Cheats





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Ridge Racer Cheats On PSP
Ridge Racer PSP Cheat Instuctions

Infinite Nitro When choosing "OK" at the car and track confirmation screen (the final screen before the race begins) in single race or time attack mode, hold Select to have inifinite nitro. Kamata Angelus Beat Pro Tour 20 "Angelus Duel". Mirror Mode When you choose a course in single race or time attack mode, hold Select to play the level in Mirror Mode. Pac-Man Car Beat Pro 21 tour to unlock Pac-Man. Rally-X Car Achieve a score of 50,000 points or greater in the Rally-X mini-game then go to World Tour mode and you will recieve a message and movie unlocking the Rally-X special class car. Soldat Crinale Race 4 races against the Crinale in Pro 19 tour to get it. You have to be on your game with the drifting and nitros to beat him here. Unlock Machine Design Collection 1 Complete EX Tour 37. Unlock Machine Design Collection 2 Complete EX Tour 38. Unlock Machine Design Collection 3 Complete EX Tour 39. Unlock Rave Racer Arcade Intro Movie Complete EX Tour 36. Unlock Ridge Racer 4 Intro Movie Complete EX Tour 33. Unlock Ridge Racer 5 Intro Movie Complete EX Tour 34. Unlock Ridge Racers 2004 E3 Demo Movie Complete EX Tour 35.

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