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Knockout Kings Playstation Cheats

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  Knockout Kings Cheats





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Knockout Kings Cheats On Playstation
Knockout Kings Playstation Cheat Instuctions

Extra Energy:
Between fights, when the heavy or speed bag options appear, hold the following to get some extra energy:
Hold the buttons as long as you can.

Awesome Fighter:
In "Career Mode" goto to the create as boxer screen and enter the following as a name:
Save the boxer you just created, go back to the start and load the boxer you just created for an awesome fighter!

To fight as bear simultaneously press right and square, right and triangle, right and circle, right and x. Player one will automatically become a bear when the fight starts regardless of the boxer chosen.

To fight as big heads simultaneously press left and circle, left and triangle, left and square, left and x.
Note: this only works for created fighters
Thanks to and

Career Mode Instant Wins:
While fighting in career mode I found a way to always win no matter what. This isn`t a code but a flawless strategy. You must, however, knock the person down. At almost the same exact time as you knock the person out you press start and throw in the towel. Don`t worry, if you pressed start at the correct time the game will, instead of saying you threw in the towel, it will believe that the computer character threw in the towel. It will continue the count down, but at the end it will say that you won by TKO

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